We are a manufacturing company of high purity Industrial Gases eg., Nitrogen & Oxygen, both in the Liquid & Gaseous forms. We are highly equipped with the state of the art technology and also are backed up with rich experience and skilled manpower.

Over the last five years, we have been producing Oxygen & Nitrogen of high quality standards in the industry. Initially, we were using these gases in-house for our Steel Plant, but now we have started the full-fledged production of these gases for commercial purposes.

It is our pleasure to inform you that we are introducing our brand's new product called “REAL HIGH PURITY INDUSTRIAL GASES – NITROGEN & OXYGEN” of high quality into the Nigerian market having satisfied the Regulatory agency standards. The product is certified ready to compete with already existing competitors in the market in terms of quality and pricing. The product is available in all the standard cylinder sizes.


Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, almost totally inert gas comprising approximately 79% by volume of air. It is non flammable and will not support combustion. supplied in cylinders as a high-pressure gas or in insulated containers as a liquid.

Uses and features

  • + Among the many uses for gaseous nitrogen are flow testing, gauge calibration, plastic forming, aerosol propellant, powering air tools, mechanical agitation in photo processing, metal degassing, pipeline testing, pressure testing cables and the handling and transfer of flammable liquids.
  • + To prevent the undesirable presence of oxygen, nitrogen is valuable in furnaces, metal plating and tinning, chemical processing, food packing, wine making, paint and varnish manufacture, tube manufacture, packaging and preserving rubber products and optics.
  • + Dry nitrogen gas is used as a purging medium in drying refrigeration systems, catalytic towers in refineries, chemical processing, electronic tube and light bulb manufacturing.
  • + Wherever moisture may not be tolerated, dry nitrogen is the preferred grade.
  • + Nitrogen is also used for the inert packaging of foods and sparging in wine making, pressurization of head spaces in liquid containers and conveyance of beverages in pressurized pipe systems.
  • + Carrier gas in chromatography, calibration gas and scientific research.
S.No Material Description Mass (kg) Cylinder Capacity (l)
1OXY TEC CYL 11,5 KG11,050,0
3OXY TEC MCP 15 X 12,3 KG 184,5MCP
4OXY LASER GAS MCP 15 X 11,5 KG172, 5MCP